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Welcome to Accessible South Africa. Highlight text to listen in text to speech.   Click to listen highlighted text! Welcome to Accessible South Africa. Highlight text to listen in text to speech.

The Accessible South Africa website is an initiative of the Warrior On Wheels Foundation. It has been created to showcase universally accessible tourism in South Africa. We invite you to join the pilot phase of our website launch in Cape Town and surrounding areas before we extend the invitation to the other provinces!

South African Disability Statistics

People with Disabilities
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What We Do

Accessible South Africa is not a ‘policing’ body on the road to universal access. On the contrary, we aim to empower and uplift differently-abled travellers by providing information on travel experiences. 

By partnering with tourism establishments we intend to promote universal access and create experience-based opportunities for people of all abilities to enjoy facilities provided, and to encourage and support establishments in the ongoing journey towards universal access.

This includes information for travellers who are:




Intellectually Challenged

& Babies


Statistics on Disability

The World Health Organization estimated that in 2011 there were approximately one billion people with disabilities in the world, that is, 15% of the total population.

In the South African census of the same year, the statistics of people living with disabilities was tabled as 7.5% of the population, totalling 2.8 million people.

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