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Le Bonheur Guest Accommodation

Le Bonheur Guest Accommodation is a small bed and breakfast guest establishment in the quaint village of McGregor in the Western Cape of South Africa. One of the 2 guest suites (namely Moonglow Suite) has been designed with the wheelchair guests in mind. Access from the parked car to the suite is flat along a paved pathway and there are double doors leading into the spacious bedroom and en-suite...
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McGregor Meanderings | Navel-Gazing 101

Finally … the second installment of our McGregor adventures, following Monday in McGregor. Dust roads appeal to me. There’s something a little more adventurous about them, with their ruts and roughness and tiny stones lying in wait. In a wheelchair, dust roads can be challenging but, with my Freewheel, they’re easier. Perhaps that’s part of the appeal: the challenge. And that’s why my vi...
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