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The Accessible South Africa website has been created to showcase  accessible tourism in South Africa. We aim to provide comprehensive, transparent information for travellers with disabilities while supporting establishments on the ongoing journey towards universal access.

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We invite you to join us in showcasing Cape Town (and surrounds) as an accessible destination before we extend the invitation to the other provinces.

Membership fees are a minimal R99 per month, payable annually in advance at R1198. These fees will support Warrior On Wheels Foundation to continue giving adventure experiences to children with disabilities.


We  plan to bring you information on the very best of accessible tourism. Please be patient with us as we bring products on board to provide you with a content-rich site brimful of exciting opportunities.

If you’ve been somewhere you think should be featured –
we welcome your suggestions, and will endeavour to put them on our map!

South African Disability Statistics

People with Disabilities
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Potential Travellers

Vision and Mission

Promoting Accessible Tourism

Providing support to tourism facilities on the journey towards universal access.

Empowering Travellers with Disabilities

Extensive information enables travellers to make informed decisions.

Funding Adventures for Children

Annual listing and advertising fees will support the Warrior On Wheels Foundation.

Income Creation for Young Adults with Disabilities

Recruiting young adults with disabilities to represent us across the country.

Accessible Travel South Africa

We are not a ‘policing’ body on the road to universal access. On the contrary, we aim to empower and uplift differently-abled travellers by providing information on travel experience. To do this, we need as detailed as possible descriptions, including things that may be less accessible or not accessible at all. Our aim is to give people a good idea, before they go, so that they can choose where to go, according to their own needs.

With pictures, too, the more the better. Pictures of ramps, stairs that may need to be negotiated, bathrooms etc. are very helpful. 

Our checklist is standard features, and searchable, if you feel we are missing something crucial, let us know! We’re all helping each other along on this journey!

Warrior On Wheels Partnerships

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