Assessment Visits

Our dynamic team share a common goal of providing support to establishments within the tourism industry to improve accessibility for people of all abilities and to sharing our experiences with other travellers with disabilities to assist them in making informed decisions when planning a visit to our magnificent country.

The team came together through our mutual wanderlust, desire to improve accessibility throughout South Africa,  and eagerness to take to the open road, so you’ll find a ready willingness to visit your establishment, a keen sense of adventure, and first hand wisdom on the accessibility challenges of their respective disabilities . We are all passionate about travel and working with tourism brands to support them in the journey towards universal access. 

Our team is available to visit and experience an establishment’s facilities and provide a comprehensive feedback report on current accessible features with recommendations on adaptations for consideration. We understand that the idea of renovating an entire establishment to conform with UA standards can be daunting, but sometimes accessibility can be as simple as rearranging furniture.For establishments that meet accessibility requirements, our endorsement badge will be awarded and available for display on your website and marketing materials.

 If you’d like to collaborate with any, or all, of our team please pop us a message.

Featured On CTInsider

Cape Nature - Rocherpan Nature Reserve
(Velddrift - Western Cape)

What makes an establishment or other tourism product universally accessible? Is it 10 out of 10 ticks on a checklist of international standards – or is it something more than this? As an organisation focused on giving differently-abled children tourism experiences, universal access is the core of what we promote through the adventures we enjoy with our Warrior On Wheels families, and to discover that a key player like Cape Nature has accessibility at the foreground of its design and planning is encouraging for the ongoing journey towards universal access in tourism…

Cape Nature - Grootvadersbosch Nature Conservancy
(Heidelberg, Western Cape)

“Off the beaten track” and “an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life” are phrases that spring to mind when leaving the tarred road and heading towards Grootvadersbosch Nature Reserve, near Heidelberg in the Western Cape. A welcome, accessible surprise awaits as you drive through the gates. Immediately there is a signboard indicating wheelchair parking at reception…