A 5 Senses Experience with Lindt Chocolate Studio

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A 5 Senses Experience with Lindt Chocolate Studio

8 Children in front of the Lindt Chocolate Studio sign and stand

Ever since the first time (of dozens) that my son, Damian, watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he has been asking, no nagging, me to take him to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory and to buy Wonka bars for him. As a parent, we love to make our children’s dreams come true, but with the make believe worlds created by the magic-makers of television, granting these wishes is most times impossible. When he asked to go to Neverland, I had to tell him that we could use our imaginations to take us anywhere! This earned me a scowl and an eye-rolled “fairy dust” in response – how silly of me, of course all it takes is pixie dust!

This time though, Lindt Chocolate Studios was the wow experience brought to life. Eight children from Warrior On Wheels Foundation became chocolatiers for an afternoon, generously hosted by head chocolatier, Dimo, who led us on a 5-senses chocolate experience… of course, the best part was the tasting!

On arrival, each child was given a chocolatier’s hat to wear, and set before us was a selection of four different Lindt chocolate pieces – 85% dark, the milder 75% dark, creamy milk, and a dessert chocolate – creme brulée – but first, a fascinating introduction into how chocolate, specifically Lindt chocolate, is made.

Dimo, our head chocolatier, led an interactive lesson, showing us a minitaure cocoa bean tree and a model of a cocoa bean pod. We held cocoa butter and rubbed it on our skin, and tasted raw chocolate nibs. Each child also got to take a cocoa bean home with them as a souvenir. We learned that only the best quality ingredients are used, with cocoa beans being sourced from select areas, with the majority used imported from Madagascar, Ecuador and Ghana. 

Michael in his blue WOW shirt at his work station with chocolate samples

The tasting itself is a sensory exploration – it’s not as simple as biting into a piece of chocolate. First we started with the 85% Dark and moved through the samples from bitter to sweet. We moved through the tasting experience using all five senses, with taste being last in line. Using sight, we paid attention to the appearance of the chocolate – it’s colour, varying from dark brown for the 85% to light brown for the creamy milk; also noticing its smooth surface and slight sheen. Next was touch, feeling the smoothness of the chocolate, with the ridges made from the Lindt branding. Rubbing gently from the corners in, it was tangible to experience how the chocolate would begin to melt, a sign of quality. We were able to smell the different aromas of the chocolates, an important part of the tasting process. Next, we held the piece next to our ears and broke it  to hear a distinct, crisp break – and as Dino mentioned, another sign of quality chocolate is a smooth break without crumbling where you are able to piece it back together exactly. Finally, what we all came for – to taste chocolate! With 85% cocoa, the Dark slab was distinctly more bitter than the very sweet creme brulée crafted as dessert. Each of us had our own preference, mine being the 70% dark, and Damian’s, of course, the two sweeter choices. Next we moved over to chocolate on tap! The chocolate is melted optimally at 30°C and was without a doubt the moment of the day for all of the kids. We were allowed to hold a spoon under the flowing chocolate (no double-dippling!) and savour this liquid delight!

Our car trip home echoed “Thank you mom” for the chocolate factory visit, and I heard from other moms that chocolate on tap was the order of the day for home. This was both an enlightening and fun outing, and definitely recommended for budding chefs, all junior chocolate connoisseurs in the making and chocolate lovers of all kinds in between. Thank you to Dino and Lindt Chocolate Studio for your #GiftOfAdventure – it was a memorable experience for our kids (and moms!)

Wheelchair Access

  • Parking in the Silo District P2 is most convenient
  • There are 2 wheelchair accessible bays at the lobby lift to the Zeitz Mocaa Museum
  • Use the elevator to go to ground floor which is the level of the Lindt Studio at Shop 2, Silo District.
  • The shop and studio is level throughout.
  • The work stations are a bit too high for a wheelchair user, but this did not damper the experience with assistance from parents.

Classes at the Cape Town Studio


Lindor Lollies Decorating

Lindt Bunny Moulding

Lindt Teddy Moulding


Lindt Chocolate Truffles
Ultimate Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Souffle
Chocolate Macarons
Chocolate Fondant Pudding
Lindt Chocolate Cupcakes

*Visit the Lindt Chocolate Studio website for full information and terms and conditions of the above classes.



+27 (0)21 831 0360

Tuesday-Sunday: 9:00 – 20:00
Monday: 9:00 – 18:00

Shop 2, Silo District, V&A Waterfront

Deirdré Gower
Author: Deirdré Gower

Deirdré Gower is the founder of Warrior On Wheels Foundation and Accessible South Africa. She is mom to 20 year old Damian, who has spastic quadriplegia and explores the world in his wheelchair. Deirdré is also a horse trail guide and website designer. To get in touch, email deirdre@warrioronwheels.co.za

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