Why an Accessible South Africa Travel Podcast?

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Why an Accessible South Africa Travel Podcast?

Accessible South Africa Travel Podcast

You may be asking yourself why we decided to start a travel podcast for the Accessible South Africa platform. And it’s a great question!

For those who aren’t familiar with podcasts, they are a little like online radio shows. Only you listen when you want to or download them onto a smart phone so you can listen at your convenience. Many people listen to podcasts while stuck in traffic, while driving long distances, or while visiting the gym. They’re a great way to receive information while busy with other activities. But you can also simply sit back and listen to a podcast whenever you feel like it, giving it your full attention.

So, why a podcast for Accessible South Africa?

When Deirdre Gower and I started talking about a possible podcast, we looked at who we might want to have as our audience, and what we’d like to achieve with the podcast.

We decided we wanted to share stories of persons with disabilities who are keen travelers to inspire others to go out and see what the world has to offer, to share techniques to make travel easier for persons with disabilities who want to travel by learning from those who are already doing so, and to share some of the fun and exciting travel experiences that can accommodate persons with special needs.

But we also wanted the podcast to be a resource for those in the travel industry – showing them some of the barriers that travelers with disabilities may face… and overcome… to spotlight service providers whose venues are already accessible, and to encourage other services to take universal access into consideration.

Finally, we felt the podcast would be a great addition to the Accessible South Africa stable of offerings to grow the platform, to reach more people with the message of what we’re doing, and to give even more exposure to the service providers who are accommodating those with special needs as an added incentive to get them to sign up with the Accessible South Africa platform.

I’ve learned different things from each of the travel podcasts we’ve released so far,and I’d love to share some of my learnings with you to entice you to give the podcast a listen. I’ll do that in a separate blogpost.

In the meantime, if you’re already a podcast listener we’d love for you to subscribe to the feed so we can reach more listeners – you’ll find us on https://iono.fm/rss/chan/3715

If you’re not yet a podcast listener, but would like to know how to start, you can e-mail me on podcast@accessiblesouthafrica.co.za and I’ll be happy to help.

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