Justin Coomber’s 2500km Live Instead Cycle Tour

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Justin Coomber’s 2500km “Live Instead” Cycle Tour from Musina to Cape Town

22 year old adventure photographer raises awareness and funds for children with disabilities

Twenty-two year old adventure photographer, Justin Coomber, will be setting off on the 1st May 2019 for the adventure of a lifetime – a 2500km cycle from Musina in Limpopo, to Cape Town in the Western Cape, completely solo and unsupported, to raise awareness and funds for the Warrior On Wheels Foundation with whom he shares a vision of accessible adventure for children with disabilities.

At 8 years old, Justin collapsed when getting out of bed one morning without being able to move anything below his waist. He was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, an extremely rare condition which attacks the central nervous system and causes inflammation on the spinal cord. He went from running around and climbing trees to lying in a hospital, not knowing if he would ever be able to walk again. “It was that very moment that has defined who I am and everything that I do,” says Justin. Fourteen years later, he is still affected by the scar tissue on his spinal cord and nerve damage to certain parts of his body, especially his legs.

“Even though I get fatigued very quickly doing any sort of physical activity I know I have been given a second chance at life. And I intend to use it! “– Justin Coomber

Live Instead

Justin seeks adventure, pushing himself as hard as he can physically and absorbing nature, capturing it through his photography in the hopes of inspiring others to go out and experience adventure and help others who can’t access it for themselves. It is for this reason he believes Warrior On Wheels Foundation is a perfect fit as the charity partner of his upcoming challenge.

Warrior On Wheels Foundation [WOW] is a registered NPO, founded in 2015, which aims to uplift and empower children with disabilities by providing adventure experiences. Through partnerships with service providers in the tourism industry WOW is changing perceptions of ability and bridging the gaps between able-bodied and differently-abled communities while promoting accessibility for people of all abilities.

To arrange an interview with Justin Coomber, please contact him on coomberjustin@gmail.com or phone 082 307 5467

For information on Warrior On Wheels Foundation, contact Deirdré Gower at deirdre@warrioronwheels.co.za or 078 567 6689


Contact: Deirdré Gower, Founder

Organisation: Warrior On Wheels Foundation

Phone: 078 567 6689

Email: deirdre@warrioronwheels.co.za

Website: www.warrioronwheels.co.za

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